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Ashes of man


Fox forty five


Fox 45 is based in Rochester, NY and has been laying down their unique version of hard-hitting yet spacey stoner riffs since 2013.

Their debut full-length album, Ashes of Man, is out now on Twin Earth Records. Their highly anticipated second album is currently in progress and will be released in mid-2018. Stay tuned for announcements on the new album as well as upcoming tours.


Vocals, Guitar / Vicky Tee
Vocals, Bass / Amanda Rampe
Guitar / Nick Walter
Drums / Casey Learch




"Wasteland surrounds you as your motorcycle powers through the desert. Cacti raise needle-ridged arms to the dying sunlight, moribund addicts seeking salvation from waning light. An oasis appears on the horizon, containing what your thirsty body needs: FOX 45’s Ashes of Man."

-Chicago Doom Confederacy

"The overriding feel is fuzzed-out, bluesy stoner doom, but the ladies call upon an array of styles as needed - jazz, rock, a touch of punk, you name it - often in the course of one song, bringing to mind Girlschool or even Wendy O Williams. They’re all very skilled in their craft, with their choice of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms of a caliber worthy of the term art rock. Ashes of Man is a noteworthy release in every respect."

-Doomed & stoned

"Musically, it's a hard and heavy head-bang. Lyrically, it preaches a hopeless gospel that rides above the quartet's relentless, mid- tempo drive — a drive that the band is known for live, and one that when extrapolated on disc simply doesn't let up as it builds and builds until it's got you in a tight wind. It's sexy, dirty, and relatively defiant."

-City Newspaper





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